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Welcome to Silverwing Aviation! Check back frequently as our website is being built. Expect our site to be fully operational soon. (Updated 2021-01-28)

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SPOT Tracker GPS Monitoring:
On this page you will find information regarding what to do in the event of receiving an alert from one of Silverwing Aviation's SPOT Trackers. In addition you can observe live tracking of the aircraft as they progress through their flights.

There are four different types of alerts that the Gen3 SPOT Trackers can send, and are as follows: 1. OK, 2. Custom Message, 3. Help/Vehicle Troubles, 4. Emergency
We have therefore set the 4 different alerts to intend to have meanings in line with those messages. The details of which follow:

Message One: "OK"

MESSAGE: I'm checking in to say that all is well. I may or may not be delayed, but nothing is wrong. A delay would typically mean I'd still arrive that day.
OR you may have received a text message: Check in: OK! ALL IS WELL. MORE INFORMATION HERE: This will be sent to inform you that either we are progressing well and on schedule, OR we have fallen behind schedule and will arrive slightly beyond the reporting period for being overdue (one hour overdue if travelling by aircraft; or whatever reporting period we specified for either aircraft or other activities.)

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If you received a Spot Tracker Safety Alert: Click Here for Spot Tracker Message Procedures  |  Spot Tracker Message Alert: Short Link

View the Spot Tracker Map here for live tracking.  |  Spot Tracker Map: Short Link