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Obtaining an Ultralight Pilot Permit opens you up to many more aircraft and freedoms than you would have thought! And has much fewer restrictions than you would believe!
Simply put, you can fly a lot more types of aircraft than you could imagine, and fly almost anywhere you would hope to!

Compare Licenses:

This table outlines the differences in privileges between the main license types:

Ultralight Pilot Permit - Ultralight

Recreational Pilot Permit - Recreational

Private Pilot License (w/o IFR Endorsement) - PPL

Ultralight Recreational PPL
Number of Passengers: 1* 1 >No limit
Airspace: C, D, E, F, G C, D, E, F, G C, D, E, F, G
Daytime Only: Yes Yes Day or Night**/td>
Weather: VFR VFR VFR^
Need float endorsement: No*** Yes Yes

In summary, you have the same privileges as a recreational pilot or a private pilot; with the exceptions that you're limited to a maximum of 1 additional occupant; and that persons with a PPL may operate at night with the addition of a night endorsement. You are permitted to fly in all the airspace, and to all the aerodromes afforded to all general aviation aircraft not flying IFR. The added bonus is you are permitted to fly aircraft on floats without requiring an added endorsement!

Compare Aircraft:

This table outlines the different limitations in aircraft types: Note: This table discusses the differences in aircraft types, individual pilot privileges will vary.

Basic Ultralight - Basic

Advanced Ultralight - Advanced

Certified Aircraft in Ultralight Category - CUL

Certified Aircraft - Cert.

Basic Advanced CUL Cert.
Max Takeoff Weight: 1200 lbs 1230 lbs 1200* lbs 12 500 lbs
Max Number of Seats: 2 2 2 No limit
Daytime Only Daytime Only Day or Night** Day or Night**
Need float endorsement: No*** No*** No*** Yes

In summary, ultralights can carry no more than 2 persons and can operate in day VFR only. Only certified aircraft are permitted to fly at night, or in IFR conditions. Ultralight aircraft do not require you to have a floatplane rating to operate.

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